Our mission is to make technology available to all our customers.

In order to achieve this, we always keep customers’ needs in mind while innovating and testing different solutions.

It doesn’t matter how fast a technology travels, we always put it in users’ hands.

  • User-friendly

    Our main principle is to make customers’ everyday life easier thanks to products that have an intuitive interface. Each product has an intuitive and user-friendly interface so we can say that this is one of our main strengths.
  • Improvement

    Continuous research is our modus vivendi. We strongly believe that the best way to improve ourselves and the world is to continuously research for mobile technologies that can improve ones’ life.
  • Your needs first

    Floaty bends over backwards creating products tailored on customers image and likeness. We offer solutions to lead your company during the whole work process.

Our Products

Our goal is to make functional and good quality products that are available to everyone.

This is why our products represent combination of innovation and usability with the aim to provide efficient, engaging and user friendly experience to our users.

Research and Development

Floaty is always investing in research and development.

Testing innovations of mobile industry we are trying to find products that can improve people’s lifestyle.

Some innovations that we used so far are: face recognition, structure for motion and augmented reality.

  • Initial concept



  • Analysis

  • Development

  • Support

    technical support
    customer care


Events and Awards

SMAU MIilan 2014

During SMAU, held in October 2014, Floaty had the honor of being among finalists for MobApp Awards : initiative sponsored by SMAU Milan that aims to reward the best App for consumers and businesses. All finalists were representing an application that is still under development and is focused on the next-generation mobile devices (smartphone and tablet).

SMAU Naples 2014

After SMAU in Milan, we decided to participate at SMAU Naples, held in December 2014. We took advantage of this event to present our product to the general public. In this way we have been able to ask questions and opinions to our target group and then use their insights to improve BadgeBox so it completely fulfills our customer’s needs.