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In Floaty, our core business is software development so we pay attention to all phases of our application development.

This is a reason why our products undergo numerous tests and inspections before being launched on the market.

Our goal is to give our customers the best product experience.

BadgeBox is a cross platform application, designed for mobile and desktop. This application arises from our business need to overcome difficulties regarding timesheet and attendance data of those who work outside the office. Thus, we created BadgeBox, an application that is able to help manage company’s work.This application uses smartphone as a clocking card and is able to replace and improve the old traditional one.

It’s main purpose is to collect and report attendance data but it offers a lot more:

• Attendance data

• Payroll and timesheet

• Invoice and accounting

• Time-off request management

• Task and customer management

• Cloud data sharing with your accountant

• Statistics and performance analysis


BadgeBox website


mockup flty away

We at Floaty like to have fun and we focus a lot on game experience. Among the games that we launched is Fly Away: application available on iOS, equipped with a basic graphic but at the same time fun. The main purpose of this game is to fly a plane trying to avoid mines: downloading the game you will have the task of playing the role of ” Mr. Fly “, experienced pilot who will face a long journey trying to avoid bombs and obstacles. The game has a simple and intuitive gameplay and is dedicated to users of all age.

Since social networks are part of  today’s daily life we adapted them inside FlyAway: once you reach the goal you will have to defend it in three different levels: local, global and among your Facebook friends.


freaky balls

Research and development are basis of our software house. Thanks to our continuous research and passion for experiments we created Freeky Balls. This game brings something new within mobile games created so far.

Through our studies of Face Recognition and Structure for Motion we developed Freeky Balls implementing technologies previously mentioned.

The main goal of this game is to kick the ball with your own head. Yes, you heard well! All you need to play this game is your head. You can forget traditional consoles etc. Social Networks were also a big part of game development so it is possible to share your results on social networks and compete with your friends.